A Bag Full of Hope ... 

With the purchase of this bag, you are contributing to the rehabilitation of a Costa Rican inmate and financially supporting his family. The Prisoner Hope Program provides job skills and support to qualifying inmates. The intention is to show them that there IS an alternative to a life of crime. Each & every Gitingas Handbag is manufactured by Prisoner Hope!

Gitingas Gives Back to the local community

Gitingas handbags are manufactured by Prisoner Hope; a program created by a veteran of the leather handbag industry as his way of giving back to society. Prisoner Hope’s main objective is to drastically reduce the recidivism rate and diminish the percentage of repeat offenders. To date, none of the participants have been arrested after their release. 

Inmates must qualify for the program, and once selected, must demonstrate a willingness to work, as well as manual dexterity in their chosen area.  Then begins a lengthy apprenticeship leading to a role in the workplace. They are able to develop valuable skills and experience, and can again provide for his family. With a restored sense of value and dignity, the inmate can regain his/her stature as head of household -- this has a positive effect on family dynamics. Their children also learn the merits of education and work, reducing the propensity for a life of crime.  More importantly, the families of the inmates are financially supported through the program.

Not only do participating inmates learn a new skill, but they also learn how to establish themselves as micro-entrepreneurs. Through sponsored financing, they can obtain their own equipment and can work as sub-contractors.  Once they have served their term, they have the option to continue working within the program (as many choose to do) or to work independently. Program compensation is at or above the marketplace and schedules are left to the discretion of each participant. They operate in conditions of the highest standards and the shops have access to the most advanced technology.  

In Costa Rica, it is the belief that those who chose a life of crime would not have done so if circumstances had been different.  Instead of “depriving a criminal of liberty”, this very successful program is transforming their lives.

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