Our story is about two womens synergy and their passion for design, art and the community of Costa Rica!

Lisa, an artist and designer, came to Costa Rica in 2011 and fell in love! Always needing to create, she pulled out an old sewing machine a began making clothes and handbags for the local boutiques. Still feeling artistically unfilled, she met Rhonda and was immediately inspired by her photography.

As Rhonda began to spend more time in Costa Rica, she channeled her skills as a professional photographer and dove into capturing artistic interpretations of patterns and designs found in the natural surroundings in Guanacaste. When Lisa & Rhonda came up with the idea of combining their artistic talents and skills, Gitingas was born!

Together they designed the “Ultimate Beach Bag”. Lisa & Rhonda create bags that are a perfect marriage of function and aesthetics utilizing natural imagery and local elements in their design. Whether you are headed to the beach, yoga studio, or a casual night out, Gitingas bags help you to carry the things you need to the places you love...

because every wanderer needs a bag!

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A Wanderers Dream...

Costa Rica is a premier destination of choice for all those with the heart of a wanderer. Very few places on Earth can give you the feeling of being whisked back to a pure, unspoiled land, free from the ravages of time like this beautiful country we now call home...

There are places in this land where it seems that no human foot has ever trod. No matter how many travelers come to this beautiful country to seek peace and relaxation, it remains in its original, pristine state. For all of these reasons and more, plus getting to swim in the warm ocean everyday and consume large quantities of fresh coconuts, Costa Rica is most definitely one of the world's most sought after travel destinations... we love it here and so will you!